Training for Tutors

ll Tutors are required to complete the following modules and answer the Tutor Training Questions by the specific deadline designated by the Tutoring Coordinator.

Objectives for Training 

  • To understand your own learning style and how it compares to the styles of your clients.
  • To recognize effective instructional strategies.
  • To learn to problem-solve challenging situations.
  • To understand diverse groups of learners.

Module 1: Tutor Training Video
6 Steps of Tutoring
from Chapman University, Center for Academic Excellence, Tutor Training Video

Please click on and view the entire video above.  This is a wonderful, and rather entertaining, video that introduces peer tutors to the best practices of tutoring.

Module 2: Understanding Learning Styles
Index of Learning Styles
by Barbara A. Soloman and Richard M. Felder, North Carolina State University
Please click on the link above and complete the questionnaire.  Then submit it for your results.  Read your results and then click on the Learning Styles Descriptions and the Learning Style links to read more.  Reflect on your learning style and how it is different from the other ones listed.

Module 3: Good Tutoring
Good Teaching: The Top Ten Requirements
by Richard Leblanc, York University, Ontario
Please click on this link and read the article.  This article is designed for professors, but the basic concepts are also useful for tutoring sessions.

Module 4: Goal-Setting and Communication
One Minute Teacher Tutoring

This is a summary of the One Minute Teacher strategy outlined in the book by Spencer Johnson, M.D. and Constance Johnson, M.Ed.  It is a helpful strategy that can be applied to teaching, tutoring, management, and parenting.  Please click on the document above to read more.

Module 5: Understanding Adult Learners
Principles of Adult Learners: Treat Learners as Adults
Some of your clients may be non-traditional students who are juggling careers, family, church activities, and school.  Please click on the link above and read an article to increase your understanding of how to tutor adult learners.  This article was designed for faculty, but the principles apply to tutoring, too.

Module 6: Tutoring Students with Disabilities 
Tutoring Students with Disabilities
Some students have disabilities which cause challenges for them academically.  Please click on the document above to learn some tips for tutoring students with disabilities.

Thank you!  We hope you learned more about yourself and others through this training!

Please remember to complete the Tutor Training Questions and return them to the Tutoring Coordinator.