Academic Support-Tutoring

  • Do you want to connect with other students?
  • Do you want to improve your grade from a B to an A?
  • Are you really struggling with a course?
  • Do you want to experiment with new learning methods?

We may be able to help! Tutoring is available free of charge to Concordia students to help them achieve academic success and independence, and improve their study skills. Students who would like to improve their grades from B’s to A’s as well as students who may be struggling in classes may request services. Tutoring allows students to explore their learning styles and discover appropriate study skills and learning methods which best match their styles.

Tutoring Requests

Individual and/or group tutoring is available in most subjects, i.e. math, science, history, religion, psychology, economics, etc. Students will be assigned a peer who has expertise in the appropriate subject.

To request on campus tutoring, click here: Tutor Request  If you have questions, email the Director of Academic Support

To make the best use of tutoring , please read Tips for a Successful Tutoring Session.  This handout can help you make the most out of tutoring!

Writing support is available through the Writing Center. Click here to visit the Writing Center webpage and/or to schedule an appointment.