Here is the link to sign up for all things Essential Academic Skills tests (NES) and Pedagogy and Content tests (MTLE):


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MTLE Free Practice Tests Questions to help students identify their areas of strengths, weaknesses and predict MTLE score.

Anyone can take Free Tests Here… Study.com/mtle/mtle-practice-tests.html

Students can also learn about:         Prepare for MTLE Exams – All in one place

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Test Preparation

Additional preparation materials are now available for the Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills (EAS) test at www.mtle.nesinc.com. The “Practice Essentials” provide 20 multiple-choice questions (along with correct response explanations) for each Minnesota NES EAS subtest (i.e., Reading, Writing, and Mathematics) beyond what is available in the full-length online practice test. The Practice Essentials are in the same format as a full-length practice test and are available for purchase at $9.95 per subtest.

The following preparation materials are available to MTLE candidates taking the Minnesota NES EAS test:

  • MTLE Elements: MN NES Essential Academic Skills study guide
  • full-length, online Practice Test for each subtest
  • 20 question, online Practice Essentials for each subtest
  • Teacher Prep: Mobile App
  • additional test preparation worksheets, videos, and tutorials

In addition to purchasing vouchers for test registration and full-length practice tests, educator preparation programs can now purchase vouchers for the Practice Essentials to provide to their candidates. Information on purchasing vouchers is available at www.mtle.nesinc.com under “Faculty Resources”.

MTLE Study Guides

The fee-based MTLE expanded study guides have been retired and the item content from those fee-based guides has been transferred to the free study guide for each field. This provides candidates with additional sample items at no cost. Additionally, we are in the process of further expanding the set of multiple-choice items and adding correct-response rationales to the free MTLE study guides. With this enhancement, each study guide will have a set of sample items equivalent to the scorable set of items on the corresponding operational exam. The update to the free study guides is being rolled out in phases through Spring 2018. A list of the study guides, which now include the expanded set of items and the correct-response rationales, is available on the MTLE website here:   http://www.mtle.nesinc.com/PageView.aspx?f=HTML_FRAG/GENRB_AnnounceSGUpdates.html

In addition to the free study guide, many fields also offer a MTLE or NES practice test and/or the NES Prep Expanded Study Guides. For more information about what preparation materials are available by exam, please see the “Prepare” section of the MTLE website.


Attached is a schedule of the test dates, score report dates, and score receipt dates for Concordia:

MTLE Score Report Dates


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