We the students of Concordia University – St. Paul, Minnesota, assemble as a student association. The Concordia University – St. Paul Student Association will strive to: aid each student in growing in Christ; develop the talents and potentials of each student as a total personality for the purpose of becoming a fit instrument in the service of God and fellow human beings; provide an environment in which Christian living and training can be carried on; enhance Christian fellowship through student activity; and provide a student government beneficial to student life. Student Senate shall serve as representatives for all students and in doing so provide and inform them of issues that concern them.

How Student Senate Operates

Each Spring the student body is asked to nominate and elect five individuals they would like to see serve as Student Senate Executive Board Members. This Executive Board, consisting of a Student Body President, a Vice President of Represenatives, a Vice President of Finance and Organizations, a Vice President of Senate Relations, and a Vice President of Public Affairs, oversees the election of the next year’s Senators, the hiring of the CAB team, the various committees that Senate organizes, and the student body budget. This overseeing process begins with the election of Senators each Fall. Senate consists of 20 Senators and up to 5 Alternate Senators. Every year any member of the student body who meets the eligibility requirements is welcome to run for one of these positions. Once the Senate is formed members meet weekly and strive to stay in contact with the student body in order to improve campus life. During a typical meeting Senators discuss and vote on propsals, or ideas for improving student life on campus. Some examples of proposals that have been improved by Senate include the purchase of new arcade machines for the game room, the installation of a section of sidewalk betweek Holst Hall and the parking lot, and funding for various events on campus. Besides just purchasing new items for campus, Student Senate can also advocate for various logistical changes on campus. Examples of this include changing the dining hall hours during finals week last semester and the ongoing discussion about the hours of the Tunnel. We are always looking for new ideas about how to improve campus, so if you have please come talk to us!