Lost, Stolen, Or Damaged Cards

Lost or Stolen

In the case of a lost or stolen card, you should report the loss or theft to Campus Security and the Card Services Office immediately. After doing so, stop by the Card Services Office, located in the Marshall Building, to fill out a request form for a replacement ID. There is a cost associated with a replacement card which is outlined below.

A cardholder may be assessed a fee to replace their existing University ID based on the table outlined below. Fees are subject to change with notice.



  •  Change in status (ie. Fac/Staff to Student or Student to Fac/Staff)
  •  Name change- per marriage/divorce certificate, misspellings (must check in banner and must use current banner name)
  •  Damaged card from “normal” wear and tear – picture, name, Student ID number, or bar code is unreadable
  •  Returning student does not have their current ID and has not been enrolled for the previous term (Withdrawn status should be viewed as not enrolled check patron notes in CSGold for information)


  •  Lost or Stolen card ($25)
  •  Damaged card from improper care or abuse- holes punched in card not done by University Card Office, defacing the card ($5)
  •  Patron wants a new ID even though present card works, is in good condition, and all information is current and picture depicts good likeness of patron (i.e. doesn’t like the picture) ($5)
  1. The replacement card fees are $25 and $5 – see chart above.
  2. The current valid ID card must be surrendered to receive a replacement card at no cost; otherwise this will be considered a lost card transaction. The card office will confiscate and destroy ID cards that are no longer valid.

Student charges can be made paid by cash, check, credit card, or can be billed to a student account.

Faculty and Staff charges must be paid in full to receive a replacement.  Payments, other than billing to student accounts, can be made at the cashiers office in the BEAR Center.