Grievance Process

The mission of SAS is to foster an inclusive environment in which all students have the opportunity to equally participate in the academic experience. Student Accessibility Services works with the university community to provide an accessible education to students with disabilities through the provision of accommodations.

Eligibility for Services

Currently enrolled and qualified students who have a disability that significantly limits one or more major life activities are eligible for services. Recent and appropriate documentation of the disability (including diagnostic information from a qualified care professional) is required prior to providing accommodations.  This becomes part of the student’s confidential file prior to disability accommodations being put in place.

Reasonable 504/ADA Accommodations

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act requires that all services, benefits, and programs provided by the University be accessible to students with a disability. All accommodations and adjustments are provided according to the law, the facts, and the needs of a particular individual with a disability. The central requirement for accommodations/academic adjustments is that they are both reasonable and effective and that the student has worked with both SAS staff in determining a reduction to any barriers within the parameters of what is essential to a course (which may require the input from instructors). Accommodations that fundamentally alter program or course requirements, or pose an undue administrative or financial burden are not required under the act(s).

Who to Contact

SAS staff at 651-641-8272 (V), MN Relay 711 or via email:

Students who have website access concerns can contact the Marketing and Communications Department to correct issues in a timely way:

Students whose concerns about site access remain unresolved may also contact SAS or follow the steps below:

Grievance Procedure for Students with Disabilities

The law is a guide that cannot and does not contemplate all possible situations. It is essential for all parties to understand that reasonable minds may differ in a given situation regarding a student with a disability. Individuals who believe they have been discriminated against, retaliated against and/or denied a reasonable accommodation are encouraged to follow the steps for the grievance procedures as outlined below.  Due to the fluid nature of such disputes and the need to resolve them expeditiously, students are encouraged to utilize informal procedures prior to using the formal grievance procedure.

Students are not required to remedy complaints through internal informal or formal procedures and can contact outside agencies at any time.