Faculty and Staff Resources

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)views access as a cooperative effort between the student, faculty, SAS and appropriate staff (as needed). We are committed to providing students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in courses, programs and other course-related or extracurricular activites in keeping with state and federal laws.

The official process for students with temporary or long term disability who request adjustments is as follows:

1) Student requests a modification or accommodation that is outside of course or program policies based on known disability, significant illness, mental health concern or other physical or cognitive condition.

2) Faculty asks student for copy of accommodation form (VISA) or refers student to SAS.  Faculty may also contact SAS staff for consultation.  Modifications or accommodations should not be put in place prior to faculty receiving a VISA.  Modifications do not have to be retro-actively applied.

3) Student Accessibility Services staff meets with and determines disability and adjustments that the student requires in order to access programs or courses. All such decisions are specific to the type and severity of the student’s disability and in keeping with federal and state laws.

4) If not already developed, an accommodation form (VISA) is developed by SAS with the student and provided to instructional staff or program coordinators.  The student or SAS staff will provide this information.

5) Faculty  or instructional staff determine what is essential to their specific courses and how accommodations may or may not fit into this in consultation with SAS.

6) Student and instructor should then engage in a discussion regarding accommodations in courses/programs and what specific needs the student may have.