Accessing Services

Registering with Student Accessibility Services:

Accommodations, academic adjustments and services for students with disabilities or significant medical conditions involve an interactive process between the student, faculty and Student Accessibility Services and are implemented with a collaborative spirit in mind.

  1. Contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to set up an intake appointment appointment.  Email is the best way to contact our staff!
  2. Provide documentation of your disability to our staff.   See the attached information on documentation requirements. Provide the documentation form to your care provider to complete and send to our office. It is the responsibility of the student to provide documentation to our office but we are happy to assist!   We need to have documentation in most cases prior to services or accommodations being implemented.
  3. Come to the intake meeting (in person, online or over the phone).  Discuss with our staff accommodations/academic adjustments you’ve had previously, your current functional limitations due to your medical condition or disability and any issues you currently have. This is in order to develop your accommodation plan VISA (Verification of Individualized Accommodations/Services or VISA) for the academic year.
  4. Participate in meetings/trainings regarding services you are approved for, such as note taking, alternative testing, etc.
  5. Meet with your professors to discuss your accommodations/VISA form early each semester.  An important note:  Even if SAS has sent a VISA or information on approved accommodations on your behalf, instructors and students still need to discuss this for each class to ensure access is provided while essential elements of classes/programs are upheld.
  6. Check your CSP email/portal for important information about deadlines or disability services information!  Contact us with questions! 

Accommodations and academic adjustments are made on an individual, case-by-case basis and may differ from services provided at other institutions, including high school.