Resident Assistants
Your RA has been specially chosen and trained to serve in this role. The RA is an upperclassman who lives on the floor with the residents. Your RA is your primary contact person for your hall. There are 2 RAs per floor in Holst,1 RA per wing in Luther and Wollaeger, and 1 RA per pod in Hyatt.

Residence Life Coordinators
The Residence Life Coordinator provides support, leadership and supervision to the RAs.

Residence Life Manager

The Residence Life Manager coordinates all housing and roommate assignments, supervises and advises the Residence Life Coordinators and RAs, and works with other departments on campus regarding matters related to residents.

The Holst Hall Residence Life Manager is Heidi Goettl. Heidi is also the Assistant Dean of Students and works with Judicial Affairs, Commuter Students, and prevention programming. Heidi lives in Holst Hall with her family. Heidi’s office is located in Meyer Hall 111. You can contact Heidi at or 651-641-8704.