What will be provided?
In the apartments in Holst Hall – The kitchens have a full size refrigerator, stove, and microwave. The common areas have a table and chairs, 3-piece sectional, end table, coffee table and entertainment center. Each bedroom will have a bed, desk, dresser and pedestal.

In Hyatt, Luther and Wollaeger – Each room has a bed, desk, desk chair, and wardrobe for each resident.

Please note that all campus mattresses are extra-long twin.

Can I live on campus for the summer?
Yes, students will be able to sign up for summer housing. You can also sign up for summer housing at Housing Sign-Ups. Summer housing is housed in Holst Hall.

Can I get a single apartment?
There are a few studio (single) and two bedroom apartments available in Holst Hall. There are 68 four bedroom apartments, 9 two bedroom apartments and 7 studio apartments. Studio and two-bedroom apartments do cost more. Be sure to check the application for price.

A limited number of single rooms are available in Luther, Wollaeger and Hyatt on a space-available basis. For more information, contact Residence Life.

Do we get wireless, cable and phone service in the halls?
Yes, there is wireless throughout campus and in each of the residence halls.

Cable TV connections are accessible in each residence hall room. In Holst Hall, there is cable connection in the living room and each bedroom.  Each residence hall student will also have online access to Xfinity on demand.

We do not provide land-line phone service in the halls.

How do I sign up?
Housing sign-up day takes place in the spring semester for the following fall semester. Information is sent to all students about this day. For new students, the Admissions office sends out applications and processes all applications before turning them over to the Residence Life staff.

Who is eligible to live in Holst Hall?
Holst is reserved for upperclassmen students. Luther and Wollaeger Halls house first year females and males. Hyatt Village also houses upperclassmen.

How do I know what is and is not allowed?
All residents are responsible for knowing the Housing Agreement. This document can be found in the Student Policy Handbook located on the Student Connect page. You may also contact the Residence Life staff for a copy.

Am I allowed to have a mini-fridge?
Residents in Luther, Wollaeger and Hyatt may have a personal refrigerator that is 4 cubic feet or less. Holst Hall does not permit personal refrigerators as each apartment is equipped with a full size refrigerator/freezer.

Am I allowed to have a microwave?
St. Paul City ordinances prohibit food preparation in residence hall sleeping rooms. Therefore, no microwaves are allowed in the rooms in Hyatt, Luther or Wollaeger. Microwaves are provided in each of the lounge areas in these halls.

Holst Hall apartments each have a microwave in them.

What’s Provided?

Bed & Mattress (extra-long twin; 36 x 80) (Bed is adjustable in height)

Desk, Pedestal and Desk Chair

Dresser (3-drawers)


Window Blinds


Coffee and End Table

Entertainment Center

Table & Chairs

Stove, Refrigerator & Microwave

Cable and Wireless Internet

What items should I bring

Extra-long twin bedding

Desk lamp (not halogen)

UL approved power strip

Clothes hangers, hamper

Cleaning supplies/toilet paper

Kitchen items

Shower Curtain

Garbage and Recycling Cans

Mini-refrigerators (Allowed in Luther, Wollaeger, Hyatt)

What items are NOT allowed

Extension cords

Personal bed

Multi-plug adapters

Halogen lamps

Space heater

Candles and incense

Full size refrigerators (any hall)

Mini-refrigerators (Not allowed in Holst Hall)

Pets (other than fish)

Nails, other materials that cause wall damage