The Rehabilitation Act 504 requires post-secondary institutions to consider to academic adjustments to ensure that such requirements do not discriminate against qualified students with disabilities. Academic requirements that are essential to programs, directly related licensing requirement, or if making modifications would fundamentally alter nature of the program are not required.  (AHEAD, 2010).


Students with disabilities who are requesting waiver, course substitution or modification to the program due to disability related impact should:


  • Meet with the Director of Student Accessibility Services for specific steps and timelines.
  • Petition the request through the course substitution request form (online under Advising).
  • Provide appropriate and recent documentation from a care provider who can appropriate provide diagnosis, supporting the need for the course substitution.


Due to accreditation requirements or State of MN technical standards for specific programs, not all waivers/substitution requests can be granted.  CSP also reserves the right to offer equally effective accommodations or substitutions in lieu of complete waivers or course substitutions. 


The Director of Student Accessibility Services may need to work with Advising or other administrators in the determination of appropriate modifications, which may require disclosure of confidential information/documentation.  Students will be notified of this need.


SAS staff does not make final decisions on requests for modifications or waivers, these are determined by the Course Substitution Committee made up of staff and faculty members.

Last modified: January 25, 2018