1. Students who live in campus housing must notify the Residence Life Manager in charge of their residence hall when they have been hospitalized or undergone surgery during the academic year.


  1. Upon discharge from the hospital or surgery, students may not return to the campus residence unless they are able to perform all of their own self-care measures and can return to normal activities of daily living.


  1. Upon return to the campus residence following hospitalization or surgery, students must present documentation from their health care provider indicating their ability to perform self-care to the director of health services and appropriate campus housing official.


  1. The Residence Life Manager in charge of the student’s residence has the right to notify family members of a hospitalization when appropriate. If the student desires that his/her course instructors be informed of his/her absence, the Director of Advising may be asked to assist in this communication. Communication with Student Accessibility Services may also occur if students are needing accommodations (short- or long-term).


  1. Any students that would like assistance in notifying their professors should contact the Academic Advising Office.

Last modified: January 25, 2018