1. To be eligible to register continuously without conditions, a student must achieve satisfactory academic progress. Concordia will follow federal-financial-aid policy on satisfactory academic progress as long as Concordia accepts federal funding.
  2. When a student does not maintain satisfactory progress, the University will impose certain restrictions that will affect the student’s eligibility for enrollment:


  1. Academic Probation: Academic probation is a formal warning that students did not achieve satisfactory progress. A student on probation will remain eligible to enroll in the subsequent term for a maximum of 16 credits, but must achieve satisfactory progress at the end of that term or face disqualification.


  1. Disqualification: Disqualification occurs when students do not meet satisfactory academic progress requirements for two consecutive terms. Students may appeal to be re-admitted by completing the Disqualification Appeal Form.


  1. Additionally, for first year students with no prior college credits earned, first term of enrollment: To be eligible to return for a second term, a student must achieve at least a 1.0 GPA their first term. Disqualification occurs when first-term students do not achieve a 1.0 GPA. Students will be notified of their disqualification in writing by the registrar. Students are ineligible to register for subsequent terms. Students may appeal to be readmitted by completing the Disqualification Appeal Form.

Disqualification Appeal Process

An appeal form must be submitted to the academic appeals committee. The academic appeals committee will decide approval or denial of students who are appealing their academic disqualification. Appeals must be submitted on the Disqualification Appeal Form and submitted to the academic appeals committee at least two weeks before the start of the term for which the student desires readmission. The appeal must state what undue hardship caused the student’s inability to meet satisfactory progress standards. The hardships could include illness, injury, or death of an immediate relative. Only special extenuating circumstances will be considered. Students must also explain how they propose to remedy their situation. If the appeal is successful, the student is readmitted on probationary status. Appeals are approved for one term only. Students may also show successful completion of 12 semester credits with a CGPA of 2.0 or higher from another accredited institution to indicate that they have overcome the challenges that caused the original disqualification.

Last modified: January 25, 2018