• Student re-applies for admission if more than one semester has passed.
  • Student provides documentation from a care provider to SAS or Registrar indicating the student able to return and any limitations or accommodations. (This may be waived in the case of a compassionate withdraw, but student should still contact SAS staff or the Registrar).
  • If the timeline between when a student is medically withdrawn and able to return is very short (less than a few weeks), CSP reserves the right to decline a return for the next semester/course. These determinations are made on a case by case basis and based on  the reason for the initial request.
  • A “Hold” is placed on the student’s account until authorization is received either by the Registrar or SAS offices that the student is cleared to return.
  • Students may have a financial aid hold on their account, and will need to work with financial aid advisors/office. In some cases, the Financial Aid office may require additional information in keeping with federal guidelines.
  • Students who are part of military or other specific programs (e.g,, NCAA) will also need to check with advisors/coaches on specifics for their program.

Last modified: January 25, 2018