University funds are not to be used to purchase items for the personal, non-university related use of students, faculty or staff. As a result, goods or services purchased with University funds remain the property of the University and under the control of the University (for example, a shirt purchased with general university funds, issued to a student and not returned to the university at the end of practices or performance, is no longer under the control of the university even though it may technically remain university property).


  1. In the event that any University-owned property is no longer needed by the University, it should be designated as surplus by the department which controls it. It is placed at the disposal of the Vice President for Finance and Operations, who liquidates it according to the university’s established policies.


  1. Agency accounts contain funds held by the University, which serves as an agent for other entities or individuals. Items purchased from agency account funds can be issued to individuals who are appropriately connected with the intended purpose of the agency account (for example, an agency account established to enhance the volleyball program, containing funds raised by student-athlete volleyball players and/or coaches, may be used to purchase jackets for program participants). Regular purchasing procedures, including completing requisitions and obtaining a purchase order in advance of acquisition, must be followed.


  1. If an item is to be used as a part of an official uniform or costume and is to remain in the possession or control of the person to whom issued, the University may subsidize up to one-third of the cost of the item. The person to whom the item is issued must pay the balance of the actual cost before receiving the item. The University’s portion will be paid only if the purchase has been budgeted and approved in the budgeting process.


  1. Consumable items are not intended to be covered by this policy. Consumable items are items which are used up, or items which cannot be used by others.


  1. Exceptions to this policy in extraordinary circumstances must be approved by the program area’s Vice President and the University President. Approval must be secured in advance of any order or purchase.


  1. The following exceptions have been made:
    1. an orientation T-shirt, available to all new students as a welcome gift;
    2. a T-shirt awarded to intramural champions in lieu of a trophy; and
    3. shirts for RAs and Student Senate leaders which serve as identifiers.

Last modified: January 25, 2018