1. The University parking policy requires that all motor vehicles that park in any of the campus parking facilities be registered with the Security Department. Vehicles parked in the University’s lots must have a Concordia University Parking Permit properly attached to the rear view mirror, facing the windshield. The following information will be needed to receive a free parking permit: a CSP ID, vehicle plate number, model and make of the vehicle, and contact information.  Students interested in a permit, should register at https://concordia.csp.edu/security/Parking-Information/ and then go to the Security Department located in Meyer Hall room 124 to obtain the parking permit.
  2. Permits are not transferable, and separate permits must be obtained for each vehicle registered.
  3. Guests can receive a temporary parking permit, available at the Security Office.
  4. Motorcycles and motorized vehicles are limited to city streets and are not to be driven on sidewalks or parked at the entrance of buildings.
  5. Violations of the University’s parking policy can result in the ticketing and/or towing of the vehicle. The University reserves the right to tow any vehicle which obstructs emergency services or has been ticketed three or more times. All towing and storage fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle driver/owner.
  6. Students who show contempt for parking regulations are subject to the disciplinary review system as set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.
  7. An alleged violator of a University parking regulation, who has been issued a ticket for a monetary fine, may appeal the ticket. The appeal must be made in writing and must indicate the reason(s) for the appeal. Appeal forms can be obtained from the security office. Appeals must be received by the Security Department within five business days of the receipt of the ticket. All decisions made by the Director of Security are final. If the appeal is granted, the ticket may be reduced or voided.
  8. University parking meters are enforced Monday-Friday from 7:00am-4:00pm. Meter spaces are for visitors only. Vehicles parked in spaces with expired parking meters will be ticketed.
  9. Special signed parking areas (Hmong Parking, Admissions and Advancement, President, Residence Life Manager, etc…) are reserved for the individuals specified on the sign and should not be used by registered vehicles unless prior approval has been given by the Security Department. Handicapped/Disabled parking is available on campus. State handicapped parking permits and a valid University parking permit are required to park in these spaces.
  10. Parking tickets can be paid at the cashier’s window located in the Poehler Administration Building. Unpaid parking tickets will be posted to student accounts a minimum of one time per semester.
  11. The University does not control St. Paul City streets. Students are encouraged to sign up for the City of St. Paul snow emergency notifications. Lot D can be used for parking during snow emergencies. If Lot D is full, please park your vehicle in Lot H or Lot E. See the university snow plow plan for more details. It is your responsibility to be aware of any city parking restrictions.
  12. Lot closures will be communicated to students through signage, posted in appropriate areas on campus and the entrance and exits of the lot being affected. Vehicles not moved by the appropriate closure time will be towed from the lot. All towing and storage fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle driver/owner.
  13. The Concordia ticket/tow policy is as follows, which may be adjusted due to an emergency situation:

1st parking offense:  warning

2nd parking offense:  written ticket/citation

3rd parking offense:  written ticket/citation

4th parking offense:  written ticket/citation

5th parking offense: tow to impound at owner’s expense


  1. Please visit https://concordia.csp.edu/security/parking-guide/ to review the full CSP parking guide.

Last modified: January 25, 2018