Concordia is committed to providing equal access for students with disabilities that substantially limit a major life activity and significantly affect living arrangements.  Students are responsible to provide this information to Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and Residence Life by stated deadlines.  Residence Life and SAS staff review all requests individually and determine any possible configurations/alternatives on a case by case basis. Final decisions are based on a variety of factors including impact of disability and possible alternatives.

Students who are unable to meet the deadlines indicated for housing accommodation requests may be charged additional fees for specific room configurations.

The housing accommodation policy is intended for students who have disability concerns that substantially limit the major life activity and require a reasonable accommodation to effectively live in a cooperative environment.  This policy is not intended for students who have a housing preference or have a financial need.

Unique Considerations:

  • The availability of single rooms is limited and therefore, granted infrequently. We attempt to make thoughtful roommate matches instead of separating students.  In addition, single rooms are granted based on a care providers requirement that the student is unable to effectively live in a roommate set up (E.g., significant cognitive/mental health issues, physical limitations visual or service animal needs.)
  • Fully accessible housing units are also limited; students with mobility impairments should discuss their options with SAS very early in the admissions process. Accessible units are often filled many months prior to housing deadlines.
  • Service Animals/Assistive or Support Animals in Housing: Please contact SAS regarding policies and procedures for service and other assistive/support animals in Residence Life environments animals. There are specific deadlines for these requests to ensure access for the student requesting an animal in the housing environment and equal access for others in a communal living space (e.g. those with allergies to animals, phobias, etc).
  • Students with asthma or other breathing issues that rise to a significant and disabling level should be aware that most rooms are carpeted, and completely “allergen free rooms” cannot be guaranteed, but we will assist in modifications, including air purifiers if needed!
  • Requests to be removed from meal plans: we make every attempt to keep students on meal plans even with allergies or sensitivities to remain an active part of the Student Life Center. Sodexo has a dietician that students can work with to ensure their food restrictions are met.  SAS staff is happy to assist with coordinating a meeting.
  • Request for removal from housing contracts. The mission of Concordia St Paul is one of thoughtful, informed community living.  Therefore, only students with disabilities who are unable to live in any current housing configurations (including a single room) will be provided this accommodation.
  • Living independently. Students are required, with or without accommodation, to be able to live independently while on campus. This means physical care for self (bathing, eating, clean environment), and emotional care for self (not requiring monitoring of roommates or other support staff) to live successfully on campus. Students who are not able to function independently and are a disruption to the campus environment may be subject to behavioral conduct/judicial proceedings.


Steps for Housing Accommodations:

  1. Complete the Residence Life Housing ACCOMMODATION form.
  2. Complete the GENERAL Residence Life/Housing Application (by stated deadlines)
  3. Submit deposit for housing (by deadline).


These steps must be completed prior to housing accommodations being considered.







Last modified: January 25, 2018