Students with disabilities may be approved for a wide variety of services including note taking, books in an alternative format, access to Kurzweil or other auxillary aids that are appropriate.  Specific policies, procedures and timelines for these services are provided to students via meetings through SAS staff.

Testing policies and procedures (as well as all service procedures) are provided to students with their accommodation plan.   As testing is our most used service, some important information is noted below:


TWO full school days notice for most daytime, traditional proctored exams

THREE full school day notice for evening exams

ONE WEEK’S NOTICE:  Final exams, Senior Outcome Exams, CLEP testing.


We will consider all requests from a student regarding alternative testing, but due to administrative need to schedule space, proctors and obtain exams, we reserve the right to decline requests outside of these timelines.

Last modified: January 25, 2018