Reasonable accommodations are modifications that eliminate as much as possible, physical or instructional barriers to learning encountered by the student with a disability.

  • Accommodations are individualized and dependent on the nature of the specific disability or disabilities and supporting documentation. Concordia University, St Paul and specifically, Student Accessibility Services, determines reasonableness, and may also consider “equally effective” accommodations in lieu of requests that may be cost or administratively prohibitive.


Students should be aware that 504 Accommodations provided in high school do not automatically transfer over to college due to differences in laws that cover K-12 and collegiate environments. Students should not expect to receive modifications that lower class or course expectations or to automatically receive accommodations provided at other institutions.


  • Reasonable accommodations are an interactive process between the student, CSP faculty and staff and SAS. Although we consider every request individually, physician recommendations/letters do not guarantee a specific accommodation. This is why we want to talk to you in person!


  • Accommodations are free for students. There is no cost and no indication on an academic record that accommodations have been implemented.


  • Students are responsible for compliance with SAS and CSP policies and procedures, including stated deadlines and behavioral expectations.

Common reasonable accommodations/services: extensions of time in the testing environment, supplemental notes, alternative text materials, limited extensions for assignments, limited attendance flexibility (based on requirements of the course), modifications of residence life environments, allowance of service/ESA animals where other animals are restricted, interpreter services, route of travel modification/assistance.

Accommodations that are generally considered unreasonable:  personal assistive devices (e.g., hearing aids, glasses, wheelchairs, walkers), personal aides, private tutoring outside the scope of CSP’s tutoring/writing services, modification of exams to only one format (e.g., oral only exams for all courses), reducing assignments or course expectations, computers or specific computing hardware.  SAS cannot waive course attendance or assignments. Any request that would fundamentally alter, result in administrative or undue financial burden is also not considered reasonable.

Modifications of a course are DIFFERENT than accommodations.  At times, a modification of a course or program that lowers the standard or

For each accommodation or service, there are specific procedures and timelines. Specifics on policies are provided to students during the intake process and multiple times throughout the semester.  Students are more than welcome to email SAS staff or even better, schedule appointments.

Last modified: January 25, 2018