A. To graduate from Concordia University, students must meet the requirements listed in the university catalog for the year of entrance or as modified at a later date if it is to their advantage.

B. Transfer students must meet modified course requirements within the total number of credits required in each area of the curriculum, as evaluated by the registrar. If a student transfers to Concordia with an associate of arts degree from an accredited institution or has met the State general education requirements all general education requirements will be satisfied with the exception of the theology requirement.

C. Students confronted with options in majors in transition are permitted to take the option most favorable to meet their needs and requirements.

D. A student may declare more than one major, minor, or emphasis as long as multiple majors, minors, or emphases have a maximum commonality of three courses, or one-fourth of the total credits of a major, minor, or emphasis, whichever is higher, except in the case of multiple teaching licensures.

Last modified: January 25, 2018