Call 911 in the event of any fire. Activate the local alarms and leave the building. Remember—the fire alarm does NOT inform the Fire Department about a fire; it is intended to alert people to leave a building. When calling the Fire Department, precisely identify the building, using the building address and inform Security at 651- 641-8777. Then stand ready to direct the firefighters.


Smoke Detectors

All residence hall rooms and apartments are equipped with a smoke alarm. This device provides warning of fire or smoke. If the alarm is activated due to smoke or fire, residents are to vacate the room or apartment, close the door, and pull the nearest fire alarm.


Smoke detectors are tested twice each year by university staff.  If at any time the detector begins to “chirp”, please notify Residence Life Staff.   Batteries can be obtained from the Maintenance Office, Safety or Security. Individual occupants may be subject to citation and fine from inspectors or the fire marshal if the detector is removed or tampered with in any way.



If a person or property is threatened, call the Concordia Security line at 651-641-8777. If it is not an emergency, notify security by calling 651-641-8278.  A security officer will respond to your call, assess the situation and decide if the police should be contacted. Police can be contacted in an non-emergency situation by dialing 651-291-1111.


Last modified: January 25, 2018