Students may be referred by faculty, staff, parent/guardians or other specialists but the legal responsibility for contact and follow up is that of the qualified student.  Parents, guardians or other parties cannot negotiate accommodations on behalf of a student.

Steps To Set Up Services:

  1. Contact SAS Staff:
  • Schedule an Intake appointment to determine accommodations or referral for your specific concerns: SAS@csp.edu
  • An intake appointment with staff is required as part of this process.

Call:  651 641 8272, 651 641 8207 or email SAS@csp.edu to schedule a time.

  1. Provide documentation of disability to SAS staff:
  • Students obtain this information and provide it to SAS, but SAS staff can assist via providing a form for a care provider to complete. This documentation will remain confidential.
  • Documentation is required before accommodations are implemented. Documentation must be received before the start of classes/program or as soon as possible after an impairment is diagnosed.


  1. A qualified care provider, such as a specialist, psychologist, or physician authorizes the documentation along with information on how the student is functionally impaired.


  1. After documentation is received and intake appointment completed:
    • SAS staff will develop an official Verification of Individualized Services and Accommodation (VISA) form. Staff will discuss specifics of accommodations or provide policy information to the student at that time—it may also be sent via email.
    • The VISA is the student’s official verification that specific accommodations have been approved and are generally recommended. Not all accommodations will work for every class or program and therefore, interaction with appropriate staff or instructors on reasonableness of listed accommodations is still often required.


  1. Provide VISA to instructors prior to, or the first few days of class.
  • Email is an acceptable way to provide information to instructors.
  • SAS staff can provide VISA/accommodation forms to instructors, but students are encouraged to send their own VISA plans.
  • Students who
  • Faculty may contact SAS staff for verification of accommodation needs.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the faculty member has received the VISA form and is aware of accommodations—SAS staff does not automatically check


  1. Work with your faculty member/SAS staff and to complete course requirements:
  • Students are expected to complete all course assignments/expectations with or without accommodation and communicate with instructional staff/faculty about their needs.


If there are concerns regarding accommodations, please let SAS staff know early in the class or semester!

Last modified: January 25, 2018