Concordia University, St. Paul strives to provide a safe and secure environment by maintaining proper use and handling of assigned University keys and card access by all students. All keys and key cards are University property and loaned to you during your time at Concordia.

  • Access is assigned to students based on their residency status, employment status with Concordia, and any other special needs.
  • University key/card may not be reproduced, exchanged, or loaned.
  • The recipient is personally accountable for all University keys issued to them. The recipient is also personally accountable for any incidents which occur as a direct result of loaning or borrowing the card to another person.
  • Lost or Stolen key/card must be reported to Card Services within 24 hours.

Tunnel Hours-

  • Tunnel hours are from 6am to 11pm daily. After 11pm the tunnel exterior doors are locked and the tunnel is considered closed. After hours, the tunnel is only accessible through card reader or by calling security. The card reader doors on the Hyatt southwest door may be used to access the tunnel after hours. The east door on the Administration Building may be used to access the tunnel by using the call box located inside the double doors to call security. You may also call security from your cell phone and request to be let in by an officer. You must have your student ID to be in the tunnel.
  • Tunnel access after 11pm is only allowed to go to the security dispatcher or to return to your residence hall. Individuals who are in the tunnel for reasons other than those listed in this policy will be asked to leave the tunnel area.

Last modified: January 25, 2018