The following scale is used in evaluating a student’s work:

A     Superior   4.00

B     Good                   3.00

C     Fair                      2.00

F     Failure                 0.00

I      In-Progress – A student not completing required coursework before the end of a course may, at the discretion of the instructor, receive an “in –progress” (I) grade for the course.  The student must complete an “In-Progress Request Form” and have it approved by the course instructor and the Program Director or Chair.

W    Withdraw – A student may request the grade of “W” before a course is 80% complete, based upon the course calendar.  If the course is more than 80% complete, the student’s grade is calculated based upon graded components stated in the syllabus.

P     Pass (not included in grade point calculations)

N     No-pass (not included in grade point calculations)

Last modified: January 25, 2018