Graduate Student Code of Conduct

Concordia is recognized for educating students who are prepared to become responsible leaders in their respective disciplines. An effective learning environment where students and faculty value integrity, professionalism and diligence provides a foundation for achieving our mission. To that end, Concordia graduate students are expected to live out this mission in the following areas.


  • Exhibiting classroom behavior (email, dress, etc.) that is personally and professionally respectful to faculty and fellow students will lay a foundation for effective learning.
  • Being dependable and arriving to class on time (and not leaving early) will foster healthy team norms.
  • Remaining current with assigned readings and completing assignments on time will foster a sense of learning and minimize student and faculty stress.


  • Being the sole author of your work is vital; to that end, be sure to cite provide references and sources in your submissions.
  • Sharing personal and professional experiences is paramount to shared learning; however, remember that conversations in the course room should remain confidential.
  • Submitting ‘the same’ assignment in more than one course is not good practice for ongoing professional development; you must complete unique work for each deliverable throughout your program.


  • Refraining from the use of phones and other electronic equipment during class gives everyone the opportunity to give full attention to others and the instructor.
  • Respecting the university’s staff and being responsible stewards of its facilities creates a collaborative and pleasant environment for learning.
  • Going above and beyond minimum expectations helps to develop a culture of learning and high performance.


  • Being open to new thoughts, ideas, and people creates a welcoming environment and fosters a sense of creativity.
  • Holding oneself accountable and contributing fully to team assignments develops a sense of team spirit and unity.
  • Challenging others, celebrating achievements, and being encouraging, patient, and helpful fosters an inspiring learning environment.
  • The potential for conflict is a natural part of human interaction; however, it is important that we share such concerns with candor and remain respectful, confidential, and professional.


Cohort Procedures – Department Chairs or Program Directors may operationalize the above constructs (Professionalism, Honesty, Respect, and Collegiality) in specific terms as they apply to their program of study.


  1. Course Feedback Form

Near the conclusion of each course, Concordia Information Technology will send a message to your CSP email with instructions for completing the end of course feedback form.

Last modified: January 25, 2018