The policies included in this handbook are administered through the Graduate School and the Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies.



  1. Introduction: President’s Welcome


Welcome to Concordia University, St. Paul!


Concordia University seeks to serve God and our global community by preparing students for thoughtful and informed living, dedicated service to God and humanity and enlightened care of God’s creation, all within the context of the Christian Gospel. Our alumni consistently tell us that we empowered them to succeed in their academic work, discover a great deal about their own sense of vocation, and prepare for their chosen career field with relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes. Located in the heart of the City of St. Paul, we are committed to our urban community, with its rich racial, ethnic, and multicultural character. Furthermore we honor Jesus Christ as Lord, while at the same time welcoming individuals from many faith traditions to our campus and online cohorts. Our highly educated, trained, and caring faculty and staff offer their knowledge, disciplined research methodology, listening ears and hearts, and Christian values to each student program wide.


Recently, Concordia became known as one of the most affordable private higher education options in the United States by reducing tuition for its traditional undergraduate students by $10,000, while maintaining our already competitive pricing for adult-undergraduate and graduate programs. The result has been extraordinary growth in enrollments across the entire University.

I encourage you to join us in your educational leadership roles in your home communities and expand the circle of student success wherever you serve. We are here to help you achieve your educational and vocational goals and to that end celebrate your success as well.

Rev. Tom Ries

Last modified: January 25, 2018