A. In-Progress (“I”) grades may be given to students who have missed part of their assigned work due to circumstances beyond their control, but otherwise have done satisfactory work. Students who are unable to finish all the required coursework for a course may request an “I.”.
B. Instructors must submit the In-Progress Grade Request by the grading deadline to the registrar’s office. It is the students’ responsibility to initiate an In-Progress Grade Request. However, instructors may deny an In-Progress Grade Request.
C. Guidelines:
1. All course requirements to remove an In-Progress grade and in some cases to remove probationary or disqualification status must be completed within four weeks of the last day of class.
2. If students are unable to complete the work within four weeks, extensions may be requested from the instructor for a maximum of six months from the last day of the course.
3. If the work is not completed within the agreed upon time, the instructor will submit a grade, based on course grading procedures specified in the syllabus.
4. If a grade is not submitted to the Registrar by the agreed upon time, the recorded “I” will become an “F” or “N.”

Last modified: March 15, 2018