A. Students may complete two Baccalaureate degrees of different types (BS/BA,
BS/BBA, BA/BBA, etc.). To do this, students must complete the general education
requirements and the requirements of both baccalaureate degree programs.
Students who complete the requirements for a major leading to a Bachelor of Arts
and a major leading to a Bachelor of Science will be awarded both a Bachelor of
Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree if there are no more than 12 credits overlap
of coursework between the majors.
B. Students who have previously completed a baccalaureate degree may complete a second baccalaureate degree of the same type, for example BA/BA if they meet  the following criteria: complete the theology general education requirement; complete 32 credits in residence; and complete 50% of the major at Concordia.
C. Students completing two majors concurrently in the same degree type will earn one degree with two majors, for example BA with majors in English and Art.

Last modified: March 15, 2018