A. The final examinations schedule is determined and posted online by the registrar.
B. All courses are expected to have a final exam or an equivalent experience and meet during the scheduled final exam period.
C. Private music instruction examinations may be scheduled on the last day of classes of the semester or at an optional time during final examination days at the discretion of the instructor based on student schedules and with the approval of the department chair.
D. Co-curricular groups are not to leave on pre-scheduled tours until after the last period on the last day of final examinations unless no group member has a final examination during the third period on the last day of final examination days. Requests for change in rare cases must be made in writing and approved
by the department chair, dean of the college, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs at the time the original tour plans are in process.
E. If a student has more than two final exams scheduled on the same day, the student may seek relief through procedures established by the office of the registrar.

Last modified: March 15, 2018