A. Definition:

An independent study is an educational experience offered for credit outside the regularly scheduled classes. Instructors are responsible for the academic soundness of the independent study proposal and its implementation. The dean of each college in consultation with the registrar may designate low enrollment courses as independent studies.

B. Criteria:
1. Eligibility for independent study is limited to students in good standing.
2. Acceptable criteria for approval to register for independent study shall be to schedule conflicts of existing courses, advanced study, or enrichment. Existing courses may be taken only if there are insurmountable schedule problems which might delay a student’s graduation.

3. For existing courses, the approved course syllabus shall be followed. For instructor/student- designed courses, objectives, learning experiences, expectations, and evaluation methods shall be written.
4. The independent study may be planned to extend up to one year of continuous registration.
5. Each credit hour represents approximately 35 clock hours of student work, including meetings with the instructor.
6. Students are normally limited to four semester hours of independent study per semester. A maximum of sixteen hours may apply towards graduation requirements.
7. Registration for independent study shall normally occur when students register for their next semester’s classes. Completed forms are due no later than the end of the second week of classes in the term.
8. Independent studies should be identified for registration by the departmental prefix followed by 488.
C. Administration
1. A number of 488 prefixed by course letters (i.e., HIS-488, ENG 488, etc.) shall be used to designate independent study courses unless a standard course number already exists.
2. The dean of each college is responsible for interpreting the independent study policy and approving any exceptions.
3. The dean of each college is responsible for assigning service load credit to independent studies.
4. Ordinarily, each student shall be equated on the workload as follows:
1 course credit = .1 faculty load credit
2 course credits = .2 faculty load credit
3 course credits = .3 faculty load credit
4 course credits = .4 faculty load credit
5 course credits = .5 faculty load credit
6 course credits = .6 faculty load credit

Last modified: March 15, 2018