A. Mission Statement
General education at Concordia University, Saint Paul introduces students to academic content areas central to the classical liberal arts and to the university’s identity, as expressed in its mission statement, and to the most essential components of these areas; it develops and cultivates skills requisite to any intellectual or professional endeavor; and it does so in a manner attentive to the abstract or methodological dimensions of the subject at hand.
B. Implementation
This mission statement is satisfied when the objectives and learning activities of any course proposed for general education credit (in all colleges of the university) are sufficiently broad so as to cover the principle aspects of the appropriate general education discipline or content area(s), as these have been identified by the university faculty and enumerated in the catalog, and when the course fosters student development in at least one of the following ways:
a. skill in analysis, synthesis, integration, research, or evaluation;
b. skill in problem solving, or in the application of the foregoing abilities to solve problems;
c. skill in creative expression or design;
d. skill in ethical reasoning or decision-making (in part by applying such core concepts as Christian vocation, responsibility and rights, liberty and justice, etc.); or,
e. appreciation for human interaction and expression in smaller and larger communities, with all of the complexity this entails.

Last modified: March 15, 2018