1. An instructor may, in consultation with the department, develop a new course.
2. The prospectus form (6.21 Form 1) must be completed and approved by the department. Upon approval, the department chair shall send the prospectus form to the dean of the college. The dean of the college shall determine whether the course and the prospectus are in harmony with faculty policy and institutional objectives and is authorized to delay the offering of the course if the prospectus is unacceptable. As necessary, the dean of the college shall consult with department chairs and the Undergraduate Policies Committee in order to resolve problems that may arise. In cases where institutional policy conflicts with the plans of a department, the Undergraduate Policies Committee may examine the problem and recommend policy changes.
3. Once the prospectus is approved, a syllabus must be generated by the instructor and approved by the department chair.
4. If the proposed course is suggested to fulfill a general education requirement, it must receive approval from the General Education Committee.
5. Course descriptions will be published in the catalog for those courses that are offered regularly and for which a syllabus has been approved.

Last modified: March 15, 2018