1. Full course title:
2. Subject code: ______ (e.g. MAT) Course level: ______ (e.g. 100 or 200) Proposed #: _____
(Consult the registrar’s office for available numbers in your subject code)
3. Semester credits: ________
4. Prerequisite/Enrollment requirements:
5. Catalog description:
6. This course will be utilized as:
A required course in the following programs:
An elective course in the following programs:
A general education course in the following area:
(Subject to approval of the General Committee)
7. Rationale for course introduction at this time:
8. Resource requirements (staffing, equipment, facilities):
9. Student Learning Outcomes (objectives):
10. Principle learning activities (assessments):
Type of instruction
(Check all that apply)
Hybrid Lab
Terms Offered
Fall Spring Summer
Special Considerations
Special course fee required $_____
Repeatable for ___ maximum credits, ___ times
Replaces existing course number _______. This course will be dropped.
Submitted by: _____________________________________________________
(Proposer- please print) Date
Approved by: _____________________________________________________
(Department Chair’s Signature) Date
Approved by: _____________________________________________________
(Dean’s Signature) Date
Copied to Vice President for Academic Affairs

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