A. This designation may be assigned by special resolution of the Board of Regents to ranked professors who have limited or terminated their responsibilities as a ranked faculty member due to retirement. A professor emeritus is so designated and appointed by the Board of Regents upon recommendation by the president and the dean of the college through the vice president for academic affairs. (Synodical Handbook 6.27d.)
B. The faculty has resolved to remember emeriti professors and families in their prayers. The vice president for academic affairs invites emeriti professors to participate in academic processions. The administration, faculty and committees are encouraged to involve emeriti professors, their spouses, and emeriti widows/ers in the academic and social events of the university whenever appropriate and possible.
C. Emeriti, their spouses, and emeriti widows/ers are encouraged to serve and participate in Concordia’s educational process when invited and appropriate.
D. Concordia is committed to promoting close ties between itself and its emeriti faculty. The following benefits are available to emeriti, their spouses, and emeriti widows/ers:
1. An identification card (ID) to be used for library, parking and fitness privileges.
2. Admission to cultural, athletic and theatre/concert events at faculty rates. Single emeriti may bring a guest at the same rates.
3. Technology services (web-based e-mail and dial-up internet access) at the level provided to fulltime faculty members, except for the issue of a computer or resolving problems with personal hardware.
4. Free tuition courses and workshops at Concordia as space is available.
5. Meeting facilities for emeriti groups as space is available and requested through the facilities manager.

Last modified: March 15, 2018