A. “Each of the Synod’s educational institutions shall be represented at synodical conventions by one of its board
members in addition to the District President, by its president, and by one faculty member for every 30 faculty
members who are members of the Synod. Fractional groupings shall be disregarded.” (1998 Synodical
Handbook 3.13c)
B. A faculty member becomes eligible to serve as a delegate from Concordia University, St. Paul, to the synodical
convention when the faculty member attains permanent status on the faculty (approval by the Board for
Higher Education) or after five years of service to the university. Should there be a tie, total years of service to
Concordia University, St. Paul, shall be a deciding factor. Should a tie remain, selection shall be by
alphabetical listing.
C. A delegate designate may not waive the right to attend a convention in preference for a succeeding
convention. Seniority on the list will be maintained only if the candidate is prevented from attending because
of personal illness, family emergency, or obligations which the university has placed upon the delegate as
approved by the president.
D. Retirement removes a person from the list.
E. Delegates who have attended a convention will be placed at the end of the list immediately after the
convention attended.
F. Financial arrangements for attending synodical conventions are under the supervision of the president’s
G. The list of delegates is maintained in the office of the vice president for academic affairs.

Last modified: March 15, 2018