A. The faculty of Concordia University underscores the importance of intensive study or research; for the
achievement of quality teaching and the need for a flexible administration of policy in order to establish the
climate in which quality teaching and learning can take place.
B. The following principles pertaining to the faculty service load are proposed
1. The faculty of Concordia University must take the initiative in establishing and maintaining standards of
scholarship and professionalism that are appropriate to this institution. Such standards will convey to
students and to the constituents of the university the image of a faculty that is
i. dedicated to Christ and His Word.
ii. zealous for personalized instruction and excellent teaching.
iii. involved in regular study and research.
iv. committed to serve students, as well as others in the church and community.
v. willing to serve the best interest of the university.
C. Faculty members are to emphasize teaching, but quality teaching requires some research and/or
creative work, continual study and attendance at conferences of the professional. The University should
facilitate quality teaching by encouraging such activities, with the expectation that the continued
professional growth of the faculty will stimulate learning on this campus and create a climate of
intellectual ferment.

Last modified: March 15, 2018