A. Policy: The University encourages faculty attendance at professional conferences and meetings.
B. Procedures
1. Full-time tenure-track faculty members are provided funds (up to 2% of the base salary of an
assistant professor) for professional conference attendance each academic year.
2. Prior to attending the conference, the faculty member should submit an application which includes the
title of the conference, goals the individual has for attending, and a budget of expenses to his or her
department chair or dean for approval.
3. As an assessment tool, upon returning from the conference, the faculty member shall provide to the
dean of his or her college a summary of the conference and its applicability to the faculty member’s
professional interests and teaching responsibilities.
4. If a faculty member does not use his or her travel funds, the dean of his or her college may make those
funds available to other faculty members with exceptional travel needs. Any remaining travel fund
money will be transferred to the quasi-endowment for faculty development grants.

Last modified: March 15, 2018