Faculty are invited to conduct their relationships with other faculty, staff, alumni, students and
administration in a manner that reflects the values of the University. These values include:
• Integrity: We recognize that faculty serve as role models for students and other colleagues and
thereby need to exemplify and witness the faith and values of our University.
• Faithfulness – We recognize the power of our words and actions to those with whom we speak. We
speak positively about the university and its Christian mission to all of our constituencies. Within the
University’s structure, we engage in responsible discourse and activities that promote growth
supporting the University’s mission.
• Patience: We recognize that success comes from persistent efforts and the belief that relationships
and people can be forgiven and restored. We teach and relate in a manner that reflects the belief that
all individuals are learning and growing daily.
• Respect: We recognize the importance of treating others with dignity. We teach in a manner that is
consistent and fair.
• Accountability: We recognize that we are responsible for our own actions and the consequences of
those actions. We teach with the understanding that students need to be held accountable for their
• Empathy: We recognize the importance of having realistic expectations of students and colleagues
and recognize the uniqueness of each individual. We understand that each of us has our own
strength and weaknesses. We also expect and assume the best from our colleagues.
• Cooperation – We recognize that we are in partnership, not rivalry, with our colleagues. We
celebrate and rejoice in the success of others while accepting feedback gracefully.
This list is not exhaustive. It suggests the collegial behavior we wish to model as Concordia University
faculty. These values grow from the mission of Concordia University, St. Paul, from its understanding
that the Christian Gospel proclaims a freedom in Christ for responsible service to each other.

Last modified: March 15, 2018