A. Evaluations include criteria outlined in the Faculty Handbook Advancement In Rank Policy, 2.72.
Course evaluations are completed by students in each faculty member’s course each semester.
B. The following materials are used in the evaluation process for each faculty member.
1. Performance Review Form (procedure involves self-evaluation and supervisor evaluation)
2. Classroom Visitation Appraisal
3. Optional: Classroom Visitation Appraisal by selected peer
4. Student Evaluations Forms
5. Professional Development Plan
C. Advancement In Rank, Contract Renewal, And Tenure
1. Advancement in rank materials are submitted as noted in 2.-36A.
2. Contract renewal: Recommendations for contract renewal of individual faculty members are sent
to the president by the Vice President for Academic Affairs by August 31 for consideration by the
Board of Regents at the September Board meeting.
3. Materials submitted for the March peer review process form the basis of the contract renewal
recommendation. Division chairs may submit supplemental materials to the office of the dean of
the faculty by August 31 if there are changes or additions for an individual faculty member after
the March peer review process materials were submitted.
4. Tenure: Procedures for faculty members requesting tenure are as noted in 2.73 I and II.

Last modified: March 15, 2018