A. Faculty members are responsible for keeping abreast with both the scholarship and the pedagogy
of their field(s), and related areas. The faculty’s continuous growth and development help sustain
their vitality, which should be apparent in the content and quality of their teaching and scholarship.
B. The Professional Development Plan is fundamental to the faculty member’s role. It addresses needs
in the person’s professional development, seeks to develop personal abilities, includes research to
be undertaken, and integrates personal and professional plans with the University’s long range and
short range needs and goals.
C. Faculty members whose workloads consist of teaching responsibilities (without administrative
assignment) develop their professional growth plans at the time of their evaluation as noted in
D. Format for the Professional Development Plan:
1. What strengths do you bring to your specific roles and areas of responsibility?
2. What professional gaps, weaknesses, or limitations do you face in meeting these responsibilities?
3. Describe the plans you have to strengthen these areas.
4. What resources are needed to help you develop professionally?
5. What are your long-range professional development plans? (Include new areas of responsibility in
which you would like to serve, new skills you would like to develop, new knowledge you would
like to learn, and so forth.) How do you plan to work towards achievement of these goals?
6. What steps are you taking to improve student engagement in your classes?
7. In what ways might the university best support your work at the university?
8. How well and in which specific areas do you think you are helping the institution achieve its
overall goals?
9. Signature of faculty member and date.

Last modified: March 15, 2018