A. To meet its educational goals, Concordia University is committed to cooperation among the Board
of Regents, the administration, the staff, the faculty, and students. The broadest possible exchange
of information and opinion is necessary for effective planning and implementation of the
university’s educational objectives.
B. Each constituency of the academic community has different initiating and decision-making
responsibilities. The responsibility for initiating and formulating recommendations for the
appropriate decision-making body is ordinarily exercised through the various committees of the
C. The faculty carries forward its obligations with respect to academic affairs chiefly in the faculty senate
meeting and through its representatives on appropriate standing committees of the university.
Additional faculty responsibilities are fulfilled by participation on committees of the Board of Regents,
the administration and department governance, and/or ad hoc committees.
D. In general, initiation of educational policy shall rest with the faculty.
E. No exercise of powers herein conferred on the faculty, which in the judgment of the president of the
college involves a major issue in the educational policy of the university, shall take effect without the
concurrence of the president of the university and the approval of the Board of Regents. The power
of review or final decision in these areas is lodged in the Board of Regents or delegated by it to the
president. Only in exceptional circumstances, however, is non-concurrence exercised, and the
reasons for the action are communicated to the faculty.
F. Specifically the faculty
1. is concerned with the enrichment of spiritual life among students, faculty and academic staff.
2. develops, constructs, delivers, and evaluates the curricula of the university.
3. sets standards for extra-class and co-curricular life and activities of the students.
4. reviews policies and regulations that contribute to the maintenance of wholesome conditions
of instructional staff service and welfare.
5. requests reports from the various administrative officers.

Last modified: March 15, 2018