A. Faculty Appointments
1. Authority to hire and retain full-time faculty members belongs to the Board of Regents. This
authority is exercised through recommendation from the president.
2. The vice president of academic affairs is given written approval from the president to begin
search for candidates for the vacant or new position.
B. Continuous Contracts
1. Continuous contract rights at Concordia University are given to ranked faculty members who
have attained tenure.
C. Locus of Appointments
1. All faculty appointments have as the locus of the appointment the department of Concordia
University which is stated in the contract. For a few faculty members, the locus of appointment
may be in a primary department with a secondary appointment locus. Faculty members teaching
interdisciplinary courses have their locus in their primary academic divisions.
D. Issuance and Receipt of Renewable Contract
2.17:2 Contract Definitions
1. All contracts for ranked full-time faculty for any academic year must be offered on or before
January 1 prior to the June 30 expiration date of that year and be returned within thirty days of
issuance, or the first working day thereafter. Full time ranked faculty are entitled to an
additional 30 day extension by written request to the president. If a contract offer is not
accepted in writing before that time, or if a written special arrangement is not made with the
president by that date, the offer automatically expires.
2. All other term contracts are issued on an individual basis as the necessity arises.
E. Full time faculty members hold contracts with the institution for twelve months work per year.
F. Each faculty member is entitled to a one month vacation period.
G. Contracts for Professors of Practice
1. Professors of Practice contracts at Concordia University are limited to the term of employment
outlined in the contractual agreement. Contracts for Professors of Practice are not tenure track
and do not confer upon a faculty member any entitlement to continued employment after the
term specified when the contract expires.

Last modified: March 15, 2018