Special appointment instructional staff are instructors who hold the status of Contracted Part-time Faculty
of Practice, Professors of Practice, Visiting Professor/Lecturer, Professor Emeritus, or Full-time Staff with
Teaching Load. They do not normally accrue time toward tenure, promotion, or sabbatical and are usually
ineligible for institutional funds allocated for advanced study or faculty development grants while holding
this status. Special appointment instructional staff under contract who have completed at least two years of
teaching at Concordia with at least an 80% workload may apply for faculty development grants, but will be
given lower priority than full time, tenure track ranked faculty. The Concordia Plans apply to those meeting
eligibility requirements. (Section 2.83) Initial appointments are probationary. Special appointments of
instructional staff are dependent on adequate enrollment in the proposed instructional load. Special
appointment instructional staff hold non-voting membership on the faculty.
A. Part-time Faculty of Practice
B. A Contracted Part-time Faculty of Practice is usually a part-time temporary employee of Concordia
University. Appointment is made by the dean of the college upon recommendation of the department
chair. Adjunct instructors
1. usually have less than a half-time teaching load;
2. meet or exceed the credential criteria required of academic rank faculty members;
3. are screened by the department chairs and interviewed by the dean of the college;
4. are interviewed by the president, at his request, if a first time appointment;
5. are appointed on a term basis by the dean of the college;
6. receive a term contract (Section 2.17G1);
7. adhere to university standards of professional classroom practice, (Section 2.40);
8. are expected to be available for office hours at least one and one-half hours per week for each
course taught to advise students regarding their course work;
9. conduct classes at a level appropriate to the level of the assigned course and decide course content
and text selection in consultation with the department chair.
C. Professor of Practice
This type of appointment may be used for full-time, non-tenure track instructional staff. Although this is a nonranked
appointment and does not include membership on the faculty, term faculty may receive two year
contracts. Professor of Practice may be eligible for full-benefits; they may be represented by the Faculty
Senate; they may serve on non-standing committees and carry advising responsibilities as appropriate. When a
tenure track opening comes available, term faculty may apply.
Criteria for appointment as Professor of Practice shall be
1. possession of a master’s degree from a graduate institution of recognized standing as a minimum;
2. either proven or presumptive potential to obtain the appropriate terminal degree in their area of
responsibility as determined by the college and/or department (Section 2.15A); and
3. either proven or presumptive potential for satisfactorily fulfilling the duties and
responsibilities of a faculty member.
D. Visiting Professor or Visiting Lecturer
This title is assigned to individuals who hold or who have held academic rank at another institution of
higher education or have accomplishments that are considered equivalent (e.g., outstanding
performance in the creative arts or in the business and/or professional community). Visiting professors
or lecturers are appointed to teach or to teach and pursue other duties at Concordia University for a
limited period of time.
All such appointments are on term contracts for full or part-time status. The process of appointment
shall be by the president upon recommendation by the department chair to the dean of the college.
E. Professor Emeritus
This rank may be assigned by special resolution of the Board of Regents to ranked professors who have
limited or terminated their responsibilities as a ranked faculty member due to retirement. A professor
emeritus is so.designated and appointed by the Board of Regents upon recommendation by the
president and the dean of the college. (Synodical Handbook 6.53.)
F. Full-time Staff Teaching One or More Courses
Full-time staff members, (not faculty members), with credentials and experience in a specific area may
be invited by the VPAA in consultation with the department chair and the dean of the appropriate
college to teach on a course by course basis. Contractual arrangements are made by the dean of the
college in consultation with the department chair and the VPAA.

Last modified: March 15, 2018