A. In order to be considered candidates must be willing and able to share and support Concordia
University’s LCMS Lutheran theology and identity.
B. Candidates’ academic and professional preparation in fulfilling the specifically identified
academic and teaching needs sought by the department/college and its search committee,
along with institutional fit with CSP, shall be the highest consideration of the search
committee in the search for full time faculty members.
C. Candidates’ academic and professional preparation being equal, preference in search processes
shall be given to practicing LCMS candidates, with secondary preference being given to practicing
Lutheran and Christian candidates able to share and support LCMS theology and identity.
D. Search committees may be expected to justify recommending non-LCMS candidates if practicing
LCMS candidates have applied for the position.
E. This policy applies to searches for all full time faculty appointments.
F. Search committees in Religion or Theology may only consider LCMS candidates. Tenure-track
or tenured candidates in Religion and Theology must receive prior approval from the
Concordia University system board.

Last modified: March 15, 2018