A. The Faculty Handbook contains the approved policies and procedures of Concordia University
concerning the terms and conditions of faculty employment, student education and issues, teaching
and pedagogy, faculty expectations and university values. Portions of this handbook are incorporated
into the individual employment contract of each faculty member. Where the terms and provisions of
an individual contract of a faculty member are inconsistent with the general policies contained
herein, the provisions of the individual contract shall supersede. Otherwise, the provisions of this
Handbook as it now stands or as amended are legally binding on all parties for the specific period
covered by contract.

B. Should there be any misapplication or misinterpretation or violation of the specific provisions of this
handbook, the faculty member involved in such a situation may refer actions taken by a department
chair, program coordinator, dean, or other officer of the university to the Faculty Policies Committee.

C. This handbook serves as the ongoing contract for tenured professors.

D. Because some of the policies and procedures in this Handbook respond directly to the Concordia
University Employee Handbook, all faculty and instructional staff shall have immediate access to a
current Employee Handbook.

E. Where they are not in agreement the Faculty Handbook policies will take precedence over Personnel
Handbook policies.

Last modified: April 20, 2018