Concordia University is committed to maintaining a workplace that is free of violence. This obligation includes eliminating recognized hazards from campus communities that contribute to violence or serious harm.

Weapons and ammunition are potential safety hazards. Possession, use or display of weapons or ammunition are inappropriate in an academic community for any reason other than protection of University employees, faculty, students and members of the public invited on campus as allowed by law, and policies of Concordia University.

Definitions of Weapons and Ammunition:
A weapon is defined as: an instrument of offensive or defensive combat, something to fight with, and is generally any device capable of projecting a ball, pellet, arrow, bullet, missile, shell or other material. This shall include, but is not limited to, firearms, bows, rockets and sling shots. Ammunition is any material capable of being projected by a weapon and makes the weapon operational.

This policy does not apply to the possession and/or use of disabling chemical sprays when used for self-defense. (Training in the use of defensive sprays is strongly encouraged. Vendors should be able to provide this training and Material Safety Data Sheets.)

Weapons and Ammunition Prohibition:
Prohibition. Employees are prohibited from possessing or carrying a firearm while acting in the course and scope of their employment, either on or off university property, regardless of whether the employee has a permit to carry a firearm, except as otherwise provided in this policy.

Employee reporting responsibility. An employee with a reasonable basis for believing an employee  is in possession of or carrying a firearm in violation of this policy has a responsibility to report the suspected act in a timely manner, unless doing so would subject the employee or others to physical harm. Reports should be made to the Human Resources Department or the Security Office.  This policy shall not prohibit prompt notification to appropriate law enforcement authorities when an immediate threat to personal safety exists. Employees shall not make reports of a suspected violation knowing they are false or in reckless disregard of the truth.

Any employee, faculty member, student or other representative of the University who violates this policy shall be notified of the violation and subject to disciplinary sanctions up to and including termination.

All currently licensed law enforcement officers are exempt from this policy.

Last modified: February 4, 2019