Objectives of the Wage and Salary Plan

CSP’s human resources are an important and vital part of the institution. In an effort to attract, retain and reward our employees, CSP is committed to a total compensation program of which salaries and wages are an important part.

The wage and salary plan covers the salary component of the employee’s total compensation. Total compensation also encompasses benefits, which are covered under “Employee Benefits.”

The wage and salary plan at CSP, incorporating the institution’s goals, has the following objectives:

  • To provide a wage and salary program that is as internally equitable as possible for employees
  • To provide employees with a cash salary that is as externally competitive as possible, so as to attract and retain qualified employees
  • To insure that the employee wage and salary program of CSP will have a high priority in planning and building of CSP’s budget
  • To provide a total compensation program that, as appropriate, will assist supervisors and administrators in encouraging employees to maximize their job performance
  • To accommodate annually and as equitably as possible, wage adjustments for increased job responsibility
  • To provide a total compensation program that is in compliance with applicable legal requirements

Job Analysis

Job evaluation is a systematic method of using the collected information for determining the relative value of a particular job in relation to other jobs at CSP. Job evaluation results in the assignment of jobs to defined pay grades based on the information provided in the job evaluation questionnaire.

All non-exempt and exempt jobs are measured against the Department of Labor duties test to ensure they are appropriately classified.

Job Classification/Pay Grade Assignment

Job classification is the process of assigning jobs to pay grades through the use of job evaluation. The objective is to classify the position, not the individual.

The goal of the job classification process is to provide each employee with salary that is internally equitable and externally competitive. In addition, the plan provides a base for job comparison both inside and outside of CSP, which aids in recruiting and provides a rationale for salary decisions.

Plan Maintenance

The implementation and maintenance of a viable salary program is a complex but essential undertaking. It requires study of each job on campus. Furthermore, it requires the combined cooperation of all employees to furnish precise factual information about jobs when requested. Wage and salary ranges resulting from pay grade assignments, and ultimately from job evaluations, are reviewed annually incorporating local, regional and national salary survey information when appropriate.

CSP is committed to maintaining an equitable wage and salary schedule for all employees. University personnel costs constitute one of the most significant items in CSP’s budget. Consequently, the careful administration of the plan is necessary if employees are to be treated equitably and personnel costs are to be kept in the proper relationship to the total University budget.

Wage and Salary Administration

The staff wage and salary plan provides an outline and procedure for the cash salary component of total compensation for those university employees who are not members of a collective bargaining unit. The other component of total compensation is employee benefits which are significant and are listed elsewhere in this handbook.

Wage and Salary for New Employees

New staff employees are normally hired at or near the minimum of the appropriate pay range. Exceptions to this policy may include extraordinary qualifications possessed by the new employee in education, training and/or experience.

Wage and Salary for Demotions, Transfers, and Promotion

Staff members who move to a lower pay grade, transfer to a position in the same pay grade or move to a higher pay grade will have their salaries adjusted using criteria listed in the employee wage and salary review.

Right to Disclose and Discuss Wages

CSP does not require nondisclosure by an employee of his or her wages as a condition of employment and does not require employees to sign a waiver or other document which purports to deny any employee the right to disclose the employee’s own wages to others.  CSP will not take any adverse employment action against an employee for disclosing the employee’s own wages or discussing another employee’s wages which have been disclosed voluntarily.  If CSP violates any of the aforementioned rights with respect to an employee who resides in Minnesota, then such employee may bring a civil action against CSP and seek remedies under Minnesota’s Wage Disclosure Protection law.

Last modified: February 5, 2019