Employee File Contents

Employees employed in the state of Minnesota have various legal rights and remedies related to the contents of their personnel records, which include:
• The opportunity to review the contents of their personnel records, upon written request to the Director of Human Resources, once every six months as an active employee and once each year after termination of their employment for as long as the personnel records are maintained,
• The opportunity to receive a copy of the contents of their personnel records, upon written request to the Director of Human Resources and,
• The opportunity to dispute information that is contained in their personnel records and request that the information be removed. If CSP does not agree with their request to have the information removed, employees have the opportunity to include a statement that outlines their position.

CSP may not use information from an employee’s personnel records that was intentionally omitted during the employee’s review in a civil or administrative proceeding.

CSP may not retaliate against an employee for exercising the employee’s rights with respect to his or her personnel records. If it is determined that CSP has not acted in good faith in complying with the provisions of this law, various remedies for violations and retaliation may be available to employees. Any employee who would like to request a review of his or her personnel records should contact the Director of Human Resources. At all times, the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality will be exercised when working with these files. Employees will be bound to all federal and state laws in addition to CSP policy. Employees not following these rules will be subject to discipline or termination in addition to any Federal or State liability. (See Minn. Stat, Sec 181.960 for more detail). No original files will be removed from the Human Resources Department.

Personnel Record Contents

The following items will be filed in the personnel record:
Application for Employment
Cover Letter and Resume
Payroll Authorizations
W-4 Tax Forms
New Hire letters
Performance Evaluations
Emergency Contact Information
Employee Confidentiality forms
Employee Handbook Acknowledgement forms
Requests of employee file access – employee or supervisor
Notices of Commendation
Warnings, Discipline, or Termination Information
Criminal investigation records where adverse action was taken by CSP as a result of the investigation
Authorizations for Payroll Deductions or Direct Deposit paperwork
Employment History
Attendance and Leave Records
Non-medical fringe benefit information
Employment testing summaries or totals
Employee’s Statement of Disputed Record
Retirement Records

Confidential File Contents

The following items will be filed in the confidential file:
Employment related background checks including, but not limited to:  Criminal, Financial, Driving, and others as job-related
Background Check Release of Information form
Injury Reports
Employment Verification
Voluntary Self-Identification
Medical Benefit Information
Employment related medical records
Employment related beneficiary designation information
Letters of reference
Records of ongoing employee criminal investigations (records may be viewed at the close of all legal proceedings)
Any education records maintained by CSP on the employee as a student
Detailed employment testing records (summaries are available for review)
Any transcripts or letters concerning job performance or job-related misconduct provided by a co-worker that identifies that co-worker in any way

Last modified: February 4, 2019