The CSP ID card serves several roles on and off of campus. These include:

  • Identifying employees of CSP
  • Accessing buildings and parking lots on the CSP campus
  • Using copier and printer services
  • Acting as a debit card for various campus services
  • Obtaining free or reduced admission for employees to CSP events
  • Receiving MERSC discounts

ID cards are the property of CSP. All lost or stolen cards should be reported to the ID Card Services office immediately. Employees will incur a $25 replacement fee for a lost card. Worn cards will be replaced free of charge with the presentation of the old card to ID Card Services.

Terminating employees must relinquish their CSP ID card at the end of their employment with CSP.


Employee ID Card Issuance

  • Regular faculty & staff
  • Temporary faculty & staff who work on the CSP campus
  • Third-party workers who work in an official capacity on the CSP campus
  • Summer seasonal employees who are not students of CSP
  • Former faculty members recognized by the Board of Regents as Emeriti Faculty
  • Current members of the Board of Regents & President’s Cabinet

Supervisor’s Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to notify ID Card Services in the event that a CSP employee requires additional access to perform the job. In addition, supervisors should notify ID Card Services in the event of access changes.


When and How to Wear ID

Office and Classroom based Employees

Employees (regular, temporary and summer) and affiliated third-party workers working in the office or classroom environment should observe the following guidelines:

  • ID cards should be displayed while on the CSP campus and working in an official capacity
  • The CSP ID card should be worn at belt level or above, and in a manner to make it completely visible
  • When off campus and acting as a representative of CSP, employees are encouraged to wear their CSP name badge but are not required to display the CSP ID card
  • The CSP name badge may be worn in addition to the CSP ID card


Plant Staff, Coaching Staff, and Hand in Hand Child Care Workers

Plant, coaching and Hand in Hand child care staff should observe the following guidelines:

  • ID cards should be carried on your person while on the CSP campus and working in an official capacity
  • The CSP ID should be worn whenever possible (in the manner stated above) but may be removed for safety considerations at the discretion of the employee


Student Employees

Student Employees are required to wear their Student CSP ID while working on the CSP campus and in an official capacity for CSP.


Display of Cards

ID Card Services will issue a plastic ID card at the start of employment. Student employees may obtain a lanyard or name badge style holder from their supervisor at the start of employment. Additional styles of lanyards are available for purchase at the CSP Bookstore.

Last modified: January 26, 2018