During the course of employment at CSP, there may arise a job-related problem that an employee feels should be corrected. The employee is to bring the problem first to the attention of his or her supervisor. If the problem is not resolved to the employee’s satisfaction, the problem is to be presented to the department head or to the area Vice President. The goal of these discussions is to resolve the problem. However, if no solution is reached through this process, a formal grievance procedure is available.

Any employee has the right, without prejudice, to initiate a grievance procedure.

The grievance or appeals process should be initiated only after all other approaches to resolving a disagreement or grievance have been exhausted.


Grievances that arise from a specific occurrence must be presented in writing no later than five working days after the occurrence. Any grievance not presented in writing within the five working days’ time limit shall be deemed withdrawn and ineligible for subsequent hearing.

Level 1

If an employee decides to initiate the grievance or appeals process, the employee must complete a grievance filing form, available in the Human Resources Department. The grievant is to be as specific as possible in describing the nature of the grievance. Pertinent data that should be included are date, specific events, written correspondence, background information and any other data which will be helpful in determining the facts of the case.

The grievant is to supply a copy of the completed grievance form to the Director of Human Resources within five working days after the occurrence. The Director of Human Resources will act as the chair of an ad hoc committee. This committee shall include the grievant’s immediate supervisor and area Vice President unless either member of the committee are the subject of, or involved with, the grievance. This committee will meet and respond in writing to the grievant within 10 working days after completing an investigation of the grievance.


Should the solution recommended by the grievance committee be deemed unacceptable by the grievant, the grievant must provide written notification to the Director of Human Resources, requesting that the grievance be brought to the President. The President will consider the grievance and render a decision which will be considered final. The President will notify the grievant of the decision and rationale in writing within 10 working days of making a determination.

Grievance Records Retention

Records of the hearing will be kept for a period of three years after the resolution of the grievance and maintained on a confidential basis unless otherwise specified by the grievant.

Last modified: April 12, 2018